How to use

ComfyDo! is easy to assemble and it can be stored almost anywhere. 
Follow these simple, illustrated steps to make the most of your ComfyDo!


  1. Remove the folded potty from 
           the packaging

  2. Open the folds of the potty
  3. Expand into a 3D crescent shape
  4. Fit the top flap with the rounded tab over 
            the bottom flap with the tab hole 

  5. The potty will have a closed 3D 
            pentagon shape

  6.Secure the round tab in the hole
 7. Remove a liner from the packaging
 8. Place the liner in the potty
  9. Place the potty on even ground, 
            making sure it is stable


When it`s done, simply dispose the liner in the trash - fold the potty, and return it to the package for future use,
and continue on your way!


 •   This product is not a toy! Adult supervision required.
 •   Set the potty on a flat, dry surface.
 •   Check the stability of the seat before use.
 •   Fold the potty seat and liners when not in use and return to the package.
 •   Exposure to extreme variations in temperature may cause the cardboard potty to deform.

 •   Do not flush.
To avoid the danger of suffocation, keep plastic potty liner away from children when not in use
      and ALWAYS supervise your child when the potty and liner in use.