1. How does ComfyDo! work?
It’s simple. When your child needs to use the toilet, simply unfold the ComfyDo! potty, assemble it, insert the liner and the potty is ready! When your child is finished, throw the liner in the trash, disassemble the potty and return it to your bag for the next time. ComfyDo! is both convenient and hygienic.
2. Can I use the ComfyDo! more than once?
The ComfyDo! potty comes with 4 disposable liners for one-time use. The potty is constructed of sturdy cardboard for multiple use. Once the four liners are finished, you can either dispose of the ComfyDo!, or use standard waste or shopping bags.
3. Is it suitable for my child?
ComfyDo! is designed for children up to 25 kg (65 pounds).
Warning: To avoid the danger of suffocation, keep plastic potty liner away from children when not in use and Always supervise your child when the potty and liner in use.
4. What about the environment?
The ComfyDo! potty seat is constructed entirely of cardboard, which is both biodegradable and recyclable, and the liners are recyclable.
5. How big is the ComfyDo? Will it fit in my bag?
When open, the ComfyDo! is big enough to be comfortable to use, yet folds to a conveniently small size that fits in an average size handbag. Of course, it will fit easily in a backpack, diaper bag, the car, or anywhere else you can imagine.
6. How can ComfyDo! help with our toilet training program?
With ComfyDo!, your child can maintain their toilet routine on the go. Whether you are on vacation, on a hike, at the park, or on a long car trip, the ComfyDo! is the ideal alternative to a potty or toilet. It can be assembled and used anywhere, anytime. After toilet training is complete, ComfyDo! is a convenient way for your child to keep comfortable and clean while out and about, for ages 2-6 years, or 25 kg in weight.